Message from the Conference Chair

From Many, One: Collaboration, Cooperation, and Community

Thank you message from the Conference Chair:

It was a beautiful day in the SIG neighborhoods the May 18-19 weekend of the PanSIG2013 conference.  It was good to see so many people renewing friendships, making new friends, and exploring research and pedagogical interests together. 

Almost 400 people gathered to share their teaching expertise and experience with each other. They also created new networks of sharing for after the conference had ended. Collaboration, cooperation, and community were stressed in the plenary talks, in the presentations, and in the  spirit of neighborhoods and communities that was evident throughout the conference by presenters, participants, Associate Members, and conference staff. Some of the most often lauded community workers were the wonderful student interns.

Thank you all for making PanSIG2013 a great success.  I can't wait to see you all in Miyazaki for PanSIG2014!

Welcome to PanSIG2013! The theme of the conference is "From Many, One: Collaboration, Cooperation, and Community." The theme emphasizes the variety and relationships of the SIGs that make up JALT, and that make up this conference. What kind of conference will you find when you enter the doors of R Building on the Nanzan University campus in Nagoya? It depends on how you see the JALT SIGs.

I have envisioned the SIGs within JALT as neighborhoods within a town. Each neighborhood has its own personality, and where the borders of neighborhoods meet there is a melding of the individual personalities. Think of this conference as being at the melding area of the many neighborhoods of JALT SIGs

Cooperation and Collaboration are also parts of the theme of the conference.  SIGs have been asked to form SIG Partnerships with one or two SIGs. These SIG Partners will cooperate in creating a program hosted in their shared room.  Cooperation means they will work together in creating a program and sharing the space, but I hope they go beyond cooperation and collaborate with their partners, putting on presentations together, and  putting on a joint forum.

I hope that the power of this metaphor of the shared neighborhood space melding different research interests can help further our understanding of this field we all work in.  The shared neighborhood space is my metaphor for the JALT SIG community created through cooperation and collaboration.  I am looking forward to hearing from the SIGs and from you about other metaphors--on how everyone views the community we are a part of. Enjoy this two-day stroll through the community that is JALT SIGs.

David Kluge

Nanzan Junior College, Nanzan University

Photos of the conference are now available here!Photos.html