Featured Speaker Presentations at PanSIG 2018

Details about the Featured Speakers of PanSIG 2019 will be forthcoming. 

Featured speakers are sponsored by SIGs or other participating organizations.

Mark deBoer: Conceptualizing a Model for Assessment in CLIL

Sponsored by the CEFR & Language Portfolio SIG

Sunday, 11:00 AM -11:25 PM (Location: 4404)

The efficiency of CLIL instruction has been researched extensively, demonstrating its positive impact on learners. Yet, an underrepresentation of assessment as the focus of CLIL research has resulted in an unclear understanding of what assessment in the CLIL classroom should look like or aim at. Applying CEFR principles and dynamic assessment practices, the premise that knowledge is co-constructed in social interaction through the use of language mediating subject matter and subject matter mediating the language is one starting point for conceptualising and implementing CLIL assessment. This monistic perspective of teaching, learning, and assessment in the CLIL classroom will be discussed.

Jerry Talandis: Turning Speaking Tasks Into Assessment Activities

Gerald Talandis Jr.Sponsored by the TEVAL (Testing and Evaluation) SIG

Saturday, 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM (Location: 4603)

One effective way to assess your students' speaking skills is to turn regular language practice tasks into tests. To do that, you need a feedback loop that provides insight into performance. With such a loop, common practice activities can become assessment activities. In this workshop, we'll examine various strategies for creating such loops by discussing the pros and cons of typical holistic and analytic marking schemes. Guidance for creating effective feedback/marking rubrics will be provided, as well as discussions of the practical issues regarding administration of in-class speaking tests. No previous experience with conducting speaking tests is required.