Food at Venue

For PanSIG 2017, there are not a lot of options for meals at the venue during the conference. We have a bento (box lunch) option. Other options are listed beneath the bento information.

Bento Lunch (750 yen)
Please pre-order during conference registration to ensure availability.
Vegetarian Lunch Non-Vegetarian Lunch
  • Steamed Japanese yam with tonburi (dried seeds known as "land caviar")
  • Vegetable sautee
  • Inari sushi
  • Vegetable tempura
  • Steamed white rice 
  • Mixed vegetables cooked with vegetarian stock 
  • Seasoned rice pilaf 
  • Skewered tofu grilled with miso sauce
  • Pickles
  • Meat stuffed green pepper
  • Fried chicken
  • Shrimps with chili sauce
  • Inari and rolled sushi
  • Eggplant with meat sauce
  • White rice with plum pickle garnish and sesame
  • Marinated squid and shrimp
  • Chicken rice
  • Omelet
  • Chinese jellyfish
  • Black tea duck

Other Options

  • There is a cafeteria on site serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. More info is available on the AIU cafeteria web page.
  • There is also a Aeon Mall nearby, about 15 minutes by bus. However, there's only one bus an hour (see the bus schedule). The Aeon Mall has 28 shops serving some kind of food, from buffet-style to KFC and subway (shop list in Japanese)
  • There are two small restaurants (at a cycling station and golf course) nearby. The cycling station is within walking distance (about three-to-five minute walk) and does quite good lunch sets, though the space is quite small. The golf course would require a car to get to.
  • There's also the 'Krypton Hotel', next door to campus, which has a reasonable lunch/dinner menu. It is about 10 minutes on foot from AIU.
  • The convenience store near the graduate housing complex is very basic, and privately owned, so it does not provide an adequate range of food options for take-out lunch. Being small, it would probably sell out of stock quickly, too.