Additional Information For PanSIG 2017 Attendees

This page contains important information for attendees.


AIU is becoming officially a smoke-free campus. Smokers are asked to leave campus grounds in order to smoke.


Be aware there are bears living in the forest next to campus. Conference participants are advised they walk in the forest at their own risk. remember, the bears were there first!  

The Asian black bear is a retiring kind of beast. It's unlikely to bother you if you don't bother it and for that reason its best to avoid startling a bear, so make noise as you walk and keep a look out. Having said that, it could easily maul you to death so caution is advised. (Akita travel guide)


There will be a room designated for parents to use if they have young children that need to be breastfed, changed or to rest etc. This room will NOT be supervised, and parents must take responsibility for their own children at all times.


Conference volunteers will be easily identifiable and ready to assist. They will be wearing attractive green T-shirts with a white PanSIG conference logo.


A locked and supervised cloakroom will be available. Volunteers will do their best to ensure security, but people using the facility must accept they do so at their own risk. Neither AIU nor PanSIG nor individuals associated with the university or conference will accept responsibility for items deposited, or for lost luggage identification tags/coupons.

Conferees may leave luggage there on Sunday, if they attend the conference after having checked out of their hotels. There will not be space for unusually large items (no skis or surfboards.)


Limited parking will be available on AIU’s campus. Please see our page about on-site parking for details.


In the interests of saving the planet, conference participants may like to bring their own cups for refreshments. If paper cups are used, please mark them with your name and reuse them several times.


There is NO money exchange facility at Akita Airport. Participants who need to change currency should do so before arriving in Akita. Local banks near AIU do not have money changing facilities for people who are not registered as residents of Japan. There is an ATM on campus.

Many restaurants do not accept credit cards, so it is wise to have an adequate amount of cash on such occasion. For more information about money, please refer to the AIU campus page for international students.


For medical information, please refer to the following web page and select the appropriate items in the menu:


Conference participants are reminded that the PanSIG 2017 conference is being organised and managed by volunteers who have given freely of their time and energy. Please respect this in all interactions, and deal with student and faculty volunteer helpers with the same courtesy you would expect yourself. Please do not make unrealistic or inappropriate demands on our willing workers. We will do our very best to ensure that your conference experience is a pleasant one, but sometimes circumstances are outside our control. We are capable and enthusiastic, but we are not magicians, nor is it our role to make life perfect for you!