Creating PanSIG Videos

This information is for last year's PanSIG 2022 conference. Information for PanSIG 2023 will be forthcoming.

Thank you for considering presenting at our conference.

Whatever format you have chosen, you are invited to send a video recording to promote your presentation.

By sending us your video you allow JALT to add it to our YouTube channel and make it available for the public. The video will be uploaded under the Standard YouTube Copyright, which acknowledges the video as your work, and allows it to be distributed over YouTube. If you ask us to take down your video at any point, we will respect your request.

The video format and style is up to you, but there are some suggestions and recommendations below:

  • Do not use copyright material within your video, unless you have explicit permission to use it. 
  • Do not include any identifying personal information of your students or other subjects of your research.
  • Do not include any images of students or other research subjects without their explicit permission. 

Here is the form for indicating your preferences and uploading your video:

Please subscribe to JALT’s YouTube Channel, to help publicise your video and the conference:

Video Format and Style:

There are many ways to record presentations depending on your equipment, software, level of expertise and how much time you can spend preparing, recording and editing. There are many videos on YouTube explaining how.

Good sound is very important. Professional equipment will help, but it is essential to speak clearly and relatively close to the microphone, and make sure that your surroundings are quiet.

The simplest approach may be to record your voice over your presentation slides. For example it is possible to record your voice while playing your PowerPoint slides, and then save the file as a video file.

It may be more engaging if you include your face on the video. Some presentation recording software also records from your web camera and shows it in a bubble on the screen. For example allows you to switch between your webcam or your slides, and to move your webcam image around the screen. Other screen capture software is available, for example QuickTime on Mac. We've made a simple explanation on how to use Zoom to record your slideshow with your face included in the video.

The length of your video should be no longer than your allocated presentation length. If you plan to show the video during your scheduled session, please leave time for questions and answers. Promotional videos can be as short as one or two minutes.

Recommendations when you are making video:

Include the JALT logo somewhere in some of your presentation slides. Click here for the JALT logos and a video end card.

Use 16:9 aspect ratio (this will be an option in your presentation slides set up.) If your settings allow, save as MP4 using AAC and H.264 video codec.


YouTube uses a "thumbnail" image when your video appears in a gallery or playlist. YouTube can automatically select screen shots from the first minute of your video, and this often captures your title slides. You can create a thumbnail image that will give us more control to help "brand" your video. If you make a thumbnail, it should include the conference logo, and probably your face so that people can see who is presenting. The thumbnail image should be 1280x720; JPG, GIF, or PNG; within 2MB.

Have fun and we look forward to seeing your videos and presentations!

Making videos