Lunch options at the PanSIG 2022 venue

Lunch details for PanSIG 2023 will be announced later. This page contains information about last year's 2022 conference in Nagano. Note that each year's lunch situation depends on the venue.

PanSIG 2022 Conference Lunch Tickets

Click here to purchase lunch tickets:

(deadline to purchase is June 14, 2022)


  • Regular size lunchbox
    750 yen
  • Vegan lunchbox (check the flyer below for more details)
    ビーガン弁当 (フライヤー参照)
    Note: Alcohol is used to make the simmered dishes. / 煮物を作る際に酒を使用しています。
    950 yen
  • Deluxe size lunchbox (details to come)
    1350 yen
  • Deluxe size vegetarian (shojin food) lunchbox
    1350 yen

Vegan lunchbox flyer: