PanSIG-Related Events

PanSIG Planning Meetings

The PanSIG planning committee meets regularly to prepare for the conference. Each SIG of JALT should send a representative to these meetings. Also, people who'd like to volunteer for PanSIG should also attend. Please contact Conference Chair Parvathy Ramachandran for information about how to join.

PanSIG 2024 Abstract Writing Workshops

The JALT Writers Peer Support Group (PSG), the JALT College and University Educators (CUE) SIG, and the PanSIG Conference are collaborating to organize writing support workshops in preparation for submission of proposals for PanSIG 2024.

We have five workshops scheduled; you can register here to receive the details about how to join:

Writers Peer Support Group (PSG) to review abstracts / manuscripts at JALT2023

Also note that the PSG will review abstracts / manuscripts at the JALT2023 conference

  • Saturday, Nov. 25 (2:30 PM - 3:30 PM (14:30-15:30))
  • Sunday, Nov. 26 (1 PM - 2 PM (13:00-14:00))
  • Location: Multipurpose Hall
  • Join the JALT Writers Peer Support Group at the PSG Table in the Multipurpose Hall during JALT 2023! Take advantage of the opportunity to have your abstracts and/or manuscripts reviewed live by our expert PSG peer reviewers. Don't miss this chance to receive valuable feedback and insights to enhance your work. We're here to help you shine!